I’ve been thinking a lot about places I love and the ways in which they are stored and catalogued in my brain. This is a picture of one of my favorite places in the world and each time I visit, it holds true to every memory attached to it. That validation feels comforting; makes me feel rooted and grounded in something much bigger than myself.

In the last couple years, I haven’t attached much meaning to the start of a new year. Personally, I wasn’t feeling the turnover or the unfolding that others experience when the year changes. And I guess I feel similarly this year, but in 2019 I’ll welcome a new decade of my life, so it feels bigger than usual.

I’ve learned so much about myself in my 20s and I’ve applied a lot of what I’ve learned to situations and opportunities that have arisen in my life. Other times, I didn’t really heed the lessons I learned, so I just relearned them again. To be human, I guess.

I always attach a small amount of pressure to continue updating this space — in its various formats and lives — even when I don’t feel naturally inclined to. I almost deleted this blog today, on a whim that had been turning over in my mind over the past few weeks. But then I decided not to.

In 2019, maybe I’ll share more here. Maybe I’ll document the small intricacies of my life. Perhaps something new will unfold. A creative awakening or a rekindled desire to catalogue those places I love in a more concrete and lasting format. Here’s to 2019 and all that’s to come.