Kitchen Tour


Our kitchen was pretty tiny, but we (usually) found ways to make it work! It's also one of the places where we tried hard to implement more low waste practices, which sometimes requires quite a bit of forethought and compromise (enter: stacks upon stacks of reusable dish cloths that don't necessarily have a practical home).


I won't pretend to miss this kitchen too much, but I do feel a certain fondness for it when I look at these images. Our eat-in space conjures some of my favorite memories — cramming together with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces to have family dinners. My nieces would sit on our mismatch chairs with stacks of pillows underneath their seats so they could reach the table. My brother-in-law would stand at the counter because there wasn't quite enough room to fit that final chair. Happy, humming chaos is the very best kind and I'm so happy our little studio apartment was able to hold all those moments when we were full and bursting out of its confines.

P.S. Here's our living room tour, if you'd like to take a peek.