On A Walk: Brooklyn


Brooklyn is a small neighborhood on the east side of Portland and it's Jeffrey's and my favorite. It's very quiet and feels nearly forgotten. It's easy to imagine what it felt like to live there 50 or 60 or 100 years ago.


I can picture myself spending balmy nights on the front porch of an old Victorian home and cool, drizzly mornings in the cozy kitchen of a bungalow just next door. There is one particular row of houses that looks like it should be somewhere else entirely; perhaps on a canal or in the heart of some other city.


There's a school in the heart of this neighborhood. I look for schools wherever I go — down dirt roads or occupying old brick buildings. There's nothing quite as special as spotting one and thinking about the thousands of students who have entered the doors. Who have they become? How many of them still keep in touch? How many students are now fully grown and still live in the neighborhood?


Last Sunday, Jeffrey, my mom, and I spent the morning rambling around the streets of Brooklyn. We love to use Portland City Walks as our guide, which is a book filled with different walks that take you around many of Portland's neighborhoods and give you some history and background as you go. It's one of my favorite ways to explore the city.