Living Room Tour


For two years, Jeffrey and I had the fortune of living in the loveliest upstairs corner studio built in the 1920s. Big windows, hardwood floors, a cozy eat-in kitchen, the absolute dreamiest bathtub, and the strangest, most versatile walk-in closet/vanity made it a real Portland gem.

It had its share of challenges, so a month ago we decided to part ways with it, but not before documenting its charm so we could remember it just as it was. Some of my happiest memories happened here and I experienced some profound growth here as well.


Jeffrey and I have pretty different aesthetic tastes, but we always agree that where our tastes overlap makes for a wonderful compromise. A lot of our pieces have been collected slowly over the years. This big console (which we refer to as the credenza) was purchased at a market in St. Petersburg, Florida right before we made the move to Portland. It's one of our favorite pieces of furniture.


Our neighbor was getting rid of this table because it was broken, but Jeffrey repaired it for us and we love it. It's a side table in our new place. We're still on the hunt for a perfect coffee table.


I really hate moving, but I do love that it presents an opportunity to move our furniture and art pieces around so that different items get the chance to be more prominent. Jeffrey made that quilt on the back of the couch and we'll be able to display it in our new bedroom, which feels really special.


When we finished moving our final items out of this space and it was completely empty and the sun was just about ready to set, light came streaming into the windows and I remembered exactly what it felt like when we first entered the space two years prior and imagined what we might do with it. I love how homes can represent such a marker of time -- I can distinctly recall what I was going through when we moved here. It was a chaotic time in my life and this was a gentle landing place. I'll really miss it.