Kitchen Tour


Our kitchen was pretty tiny, but we (usually) found ways to make it work! It's also one of the places where we tried hard to implement more low waste practices, which sometimes requires quite a bit of forethought and compromise (enter: stacks upon stacks of reusable dish cloths that don't necessarily have a practical home).


I won't pretend to miss this kitchen too much, but I do feel a certain fondness for it when I look at these images. Our eat-in space conjures some of my favorite memories — cramming together with my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces to have family dinners. My nieces would sit on our mismatch chairs with stacks of pillows underneath their seats so they could reach the table. My brother-in-law would stand at the counter because there wasn't quite enough room to fit that final chair. Happy, humming chaos is the very best kind and I'm so happy our little studio apartment was able to hold all those moments when we were full and bursting out of its confines.

P.S. Here's our living room tour, if you'd like to take a peek.

Summer 10x10 | the clothing


This is my second 10x10 since discovering Lee (the creator of this challenge) through Bryr Clogs and Elizabeth Suzann. It's a fun way to re-evaluate my wardrobe and also encourage myself to wear some pieces that don't get as much air time in my day to day clothing choices. It's also fun to really allow myself to be completely inspired by the season when considering how I dress each morning.


1. Rainbow shirt (J.Crew): This is one of my very favorite shirts that I own. It's not at all neutral, but it works with so many bottoms that it almost serves the same purpose.

2. White linen dress (Urban Outfitters): I picked this up last summer and it's an ideal addition to any wardrobe. It's the kind of piece that can easily be thrown on and has the ability to look casual or a little dressier depending on accessories it gets paired with.

3. Navy blue t-shirt (Everlane): I sing the praises of Everlane t-shirts any time I can. I think the fit is great, they wash up well, and they tuck into pants and skirts well, which is almost always how I choose to wear these t-shirts!

4. Poppy skirt (Anthropologie): This skirt has been in my closet for years. I'm not good about wearing it often, even though I love it, so I thought it'd be great to add to this 10x10 to encourage more wear.

5. Tan block sandals (Nisolo): These are brand new! My mom and sister just braved the Nisolo sample sale and picked them up for me. I think these have such a classic look and work well with casual outfits or can elevate something a little fancier.

6. Blue sneakers (Vans): Tennis shoes are such a fun thing to wear in the summer. I love that the color of these can be passed off as a neutral, but add a little something special to any outfit.

7. Khaki chinos (Everlane): These chinos are a newer addition to my wardrobe. Like the poppy skirt, they haven't gotten as much wear as I had hoped, so I've added them into the mix here. This challenge has proven to be a really fun and creative way to incorporate some of my lesser worn pieces so that they end up becoming more central in my day to day wardrobe.

8. White tank top (Everlane): I like this tank top because it's so plain and simple, but it has a really interesting neckline, which makes it unique. This is perfect because it's so hot in Portland right now and it's incredibly easy to wear.

9. Black linen crop top (North of West): This crop top is so perfectly cut that it makes any outfit flattering. I love how bold and simple it is.

10. Light denim jeans (Agolde): These also made an appearance in my Spring10x10. They are so versatile; they definitely get some of the most wear out of all my pants! These are pricey for jeans, but if you keep a good eye out, you can catch them for a pretty decent price now and then. (Thanks, Internet!)

*I've linked the items (above) that are still available for purchase.


Easiest piece to wear: I predict that my jeans will be the easier clothing item to wear because they're jeans! I always come back to jeans when I'm in a style rut or want to feel most like myself.

Most difficult piece to wear: I predict that the poppy skirt will be the most difficult clothing item to wear because I almost never reach for it, so I might struggle to rely on it more heavily over the next several days!

Most versatile piece: I predict that the navy blue t-shirt will be my most versatile clothing item because I find t-shirts so easy to style and also easy to dress up or down.

Least versatile piece: I predict my white linen dress will be my least versatile clothing item because I find it difficult to get creative with dresses.

I'll post a round up of every single outfit I wore when this challenge wraps up, but if you'd like to follow me in real time, please do so on Instagram. (P.S. I actually started this challenge on Friday, so there's a few outfits already on my feed!)



Living Room Tour


For two years, Jeffrey and I had the fortune of living in the loveliest upstairs corner studio built in the 1920s. Big windows, hardwood floors, a cozy eat-in kitchen, the absolute dreamiest bathtub, and the strangest, most versatile walk-in closet/vanity made it a real Portland gem.

It had its share of challenges, so a month ago we decided to part ways with it, but not before documenting its charm so we could remember it just as it was. Some of my happiest memories happened here and I experienced some profound growth here as well.


Jeffrey and I have pretty different aesthetic tastes, but we always agree that where our tastes overlap makes for a wonderful compromise. A lot of our pieces have been collected slowly over the years. This big console (which we refer to as the credenza) was purchased at a market in St. Petersburg, Florida right before we made the move to Portland. It's one of our favorite pieces of furniture.


Our neighbor was getting rid of this table because it was broken, but Jeffrey repaired it for us and we love it. It's a side table in our new place. We're still on the hunt for a perfect coffee table.


I really hate moving, but I do love that it presents an opportunity to move our furniture and art pieces around so that different items get the chance to be more prominent. Jeffrey made that quilt on the back of the couch and we'll be able to display it in our new bedroom, which feels really special.


When we finished moving our final items out of this space and it was completely empty and the sun was just about ready to set, light came streaming into the windows and I remembered exactly what it felt like when we first entered the space two years prior and imagined what we might do with it. I love how homes can represent such a marker of time -- I can distinctly recall what I was going through when we moved here. It was a chaotic time in my life and this was a gentle landing place. I'll really miss it.